Has UK School Gone Too Far?

 - Mar 8, 2008
References: bbc
A UK school has disguised children in online photographs with acid house-style smiley faces. The move was to protect the children from unwanted attention but as the school used a popular symbol of the acid house raving scene in the late 1980s it has just attracted attention. Even the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children said the school may have gone "too far".

The headteacher of the Cann Hall Primary School said: "The public nature of the internet is an issue we feel strongly about. Not all parents want their children's picture on there. You can't say what is going to happen with any of those pictures."

But if they had not used symbols of the acid house raving scene I could be pretty confident that the children's pictures would not be in almost every UK newspaper! The thing is could be the start of another UK trend?