The AccendoWave Helps Keep Patients in Pain Occupied

 - Dec 4, 2017
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When suffering from an illness or condition, chronic and acute pain can be a terrible symptom, and the AccendoWave is a device that hopes to help patients relieve some of that pain without having to resort to pain relief drugs.

The device is effectively a tiny, portable EEG machine that patients wear over their foreheads, and it measures pain levels by monitoring brain activity. When the patient is in pain, the device can both notify caregivers and provide distractions such as videos, games, and music to help patients get through it.

In most hospitals, pain monitoring is surprisingly crude, with nurses and doctors relying on a 1-10 scale that's entirely subjective. Not only is the AccendoWave far more objective in its measurements, but it also responds immediately, which makes it easier for caregivers to respond in kind.