BrewDog's Abstrakt AB:21 is a Flavorful, Full-Bodied Imperial Stout

 - Jan 17, 2017
References: brewdog & foodmanufacture
BrewDog, a UK-based artisan brewer, has recently released a premium beer that it calls Abstrakt AB:21. Though the flavorful, rich beer itself will ultimately be the factor that consumers appreciate the most, the beer's packaging is also interesting. In line with its premium taste profile, Abstrakt AB:21 bottles are enclosed by a dipped wax seal.

The wax seal on BrewDog's new stout is an acknowledgement that a premium beer needs to be more than just the alcohol itself. The dipped wax is a reference to high quality champagnes and liquors, raising the prestige of the beer inside.

In terms of taste, Abstrakt AB:21 lives up to its packaging. It is a licorice and black currant infused stout that comes with a biting 12 percent ABV. Such a profile gives the beer a hybrid taste, halfway between the smoothness of a stout and the kick of an IPA.