The Sydney Opera House Was Used as a Canvas for This Series

 - May 30, 2016
References: vividsydney & buzzfeed
As part of the annual Vivid Light Festival in Sydney, which works to combine "light, music and ideas," Aboriginal art was projected onto the Sydney Opera House.

The beautiful Aboriginal art was projected in such a way that the multi-dimensional buildings appeared to come alive. The art is meant to represent Aboriginal culture and history in Australia, referencing everything from their spirituality, to trade routes and clans and groups. The project is also inspired by the Aboriginal practice of gazing up at space. Given the contentious history and conflict between Aboriginal and Australians, this Aboriginal art was an important step towards emphatically showcasing the rich culture and history of the Aboriginal peoples in the country.

The projection of the Aboriginal artwork onto this multi-dimensional building represents and intersects art with culture, history with the future and conflict with resolution.