'ABC Monsters' by La Pompadour Quizes You on Your Monster Knowledge

 - Mar 26, 2012
References: lapompadour & vimeo
ABC Monsters by La Pompadour is a short reel that brings back all the nightmares you've ever had. It's a short that makes you reminisce those times when you hid under the covers and turned on five night lights during bedtime.

This video tests your monster knowledge by showing a letter from the alphabet that resembles each monster's name. I'm sure you'll recognize the ones that kept you up at night. 'C' for Chucky still gives me the creeps every time I hear that shrieking laughter.

ABC Monsters by La Pompadour, a television production company established in 2010, creatively made this short by combining all-time famous Hollywood monsters with never-to-forget sounds (like Chucky) and recognizable monster designs such as the black and white striped 'B' for Beetle Juice. Watch the whole short and see if you can identify each monster.