AmoebaBlowout For Credit Crunched, Ethical, Music Buffs

 - Mar 25, 2009
With free music downloads available on numerous torrent sites and people using iPods and MP3 players instead of CDs it is easy to see how the music industry could be in trouble. However, the site "AmoebaBlowout," has prices that may entice buyers back into the trend of CD buying.

With CDs starting as low as a cent, Canadian buyers can get their CDs for the cost of shipping. This cost works out about $5 Canadian. With more than 50 pages a week of CDs to choose from, there is bound to be something that appeals to any music fan. The CD selection changes on a weekly basis with a whole new selection every seven days.

The site works on an ebay auction basis, with the auctions lasting a week. At the end of the week-long period, the CD goes to the highest bidder and arrives in your mailbox five business days after the end of the auction.

With cheap shipping and even cheaper CDs, this is a trend that doesn’t break the bank, but allows you to enhance your music collection at an affordable price.