The Toothbrush Ad by A Lowe Profile Uses Imagery to Depict Abilities

 - Apr 20, 2013
References: & adsoftheworld
This toothbrush ad by A Lowe Profile for Signal uses hilarious imagery in order to display the products abilities.

The images show heavily guarded areas like the inside of a large safe and within a crown's protective casing. These normally highly protected spaces have been breached by the Signal toothbrush. The quote for each ad is: "gets into hard to reach places." This cleverly suggests that if the toothbrush can get into a bank safe, it will have no trouble reaching areas in your mouth where germs and bacteria hide. It also subliminally compliments the customer by comparing their mouths to luxury casings.

Overall it's a very well executed ad by A Lowe Profile. The photo manipulations look fantastic and fit the theme very well.