J Daily and Andrea Ferma Revive 90s Urban Party Fashion

 - Sep 23, 2015
References: youtu.be
The 90s called and it wants Saved By The Bell back on TV and 90s urban party fashion back on the streets. 90s-inspired style has been making a huge successful comeback on the runways of London and New York during the Spring and Summer 2016 shows, representing the era that gave rise to the urban music popularized by the insatiable and carefree attitude of the boy bands and girl groups from the likes of Nsync, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys and many more. Music videos shown onMTV back then were considered a novelty because of the crazy 90s squiggly graphics and colorful kitsch styling inspired by the hip-hop subculture.

If you suddenly have the urge for clothing that is oversized, loose fitting, comfortable and stands out from from night to dawn, the 90s is definitely the place to party! J Daily and Andrea Ferma cheerfully groove to feel-good beats provided by Andrew Briol's hit single from his upcoming EP - Radio Jam in this ultimate 90s throwback lookbook.