The 90s Are All That Tumblr Modernizes the Past Decade

If you miss the 90s as much as I do, the 90s Are All That Tumblr will definitely bring a smile to your face.

The blog is dedicated to celebrating popular shows from the 90s like Rugrats and Hey Arnold. Taking these characters into the modern sphere proves to be hilarious; one of the images is of Arnold updating his status on Facebook and all of the characters on the show responding in their signature speak.

Check out the 90s Are All That Tumblr for an amazingly funny look back on the decade with football-shaped heads and talking babies.

Implications - Modern consumers are looking for reminders of the past. Products that make references to older elements appeal to shoppers who want to relive simpler times in their lives. Companies attempting to stay relevant on the market could hone in on this desire for more nostalgic items.