8fit is an All-in-One App Helping Consumers Reach Their Goals

 - Dec 20, 2017
References: 8fit
An average of 45% of Americans give up on New Year's resolutions by February, which is why the fitness-focused app, 8fit, serves as such a valuable resource, as it was designed to help individuals achieve and maintain their health-related goals.

This all-in-one app serves as a personal trainer, nutritionist, health tracker and support system, all from the convenience of a smart device. Through a combination of high-impact workout routines, custom meal plans and a professional fitness expert, guiding you every step of the way, this app is sure to help an individual to not only achieve their goals, but to alter their lifestyles.

To make matters even more convenient, all of 8fit's workout plans are designed to be executed from the comfort of one's living room, eliminating the intimidation, and high-costs associated with traditional gym settings.