James Boorman Created a Series of Pixel-Like Iconic Characters

 - Sep 14, 2015
References: designtaxi
Australian motion designer and illustrator James Boorman created a delightful series of 8-bit illustrations featuring popular fictional characters. The amazing artworks range from Boba Fett to The Hulk.

As the popularity of 8-bit illustrations increases, these images present a modernized retro feel. Each of the images features a recognizable character in a completely different setting. All of the tiny 8-bit pictures are placed atop a light-colored background to ensure they stand out. This technique also allows the viewer to distinguish the characters.

The images portray movement and bring a vast amount of character-specific traits into each frame. For example, Spider Man is viewed form a position facing forward, while both arms are spread out to unleash a sticky web that almost escapes the tiny square frame.