This 3D Scanner is Both Conveiennt and Affordable

 - Sep 10, 2015
References: xyzprinting & gizmag
With 3D printing's climbing rise to popularity, it's refreshing to see that XYZ Printing has introduced an easy-to-use and highly affordable addition to the world of 3D scanners.

This simple and portable device is able to easily scan and create full-color 3D models of almost anything a user desires. Unlike other 3D scanners on the market, XYZ's 'Handheld 3D Scanner' can be operated using only one hand and weighs in at only a half pound. It can also be attached to the back of tablets, computers and any other devices using a USB connection.

Costing only $222, this bargain 3D scanner is powered by Intel RealSense technology, allowing for any object to quickly and easily be scanned, uploaded and eventually sent off to a printer in little time.