Quasi is a 3D-Printed Object That is Pumped with Personality

 - Mar 28, 2015
References: vimeo & 3ders.org
Quasi is a 3D-printed heart of a different kind. This mock organ designed by student Enrica Beccalli may not be life-saving, but it sure is amusing. Named Quasi for its part-human, part-object qualities, the robotic heart is designed to be affectionate when you're around and angry when it is neglected. If you manage to anger Quasi enough, it will even start sending you insulting emails. Although robots are usually developed to serve humans, Quasi seems to promote the exact opposite kind of relationship, much like a digital pet that constantly must be doted on.

The mechanisms that give Quasi so much heart include an infrared sensor that detects the presence of a person in a room, as well as connectivity to Arduino and the Internet.