The Local Motors Strati 3D Car Was Printed In 44 Hours Flat

 - Sep 17, 2014
References: localmotors & gizmag
3D printing has come such a long way that 3D printed cars are now a reality. This was demonstrated in the most dramatic way possible by the live printing of the Local Motors Strati 3D car at the International Manufacturing Technology Show. The entire printing process was completed in just 44 hours, and carried out as part of the 3D Printed Car Design Challenge organized by crowdsource automotive firm Local Motors.

The Local Motors Strati 3D car is the first purely 3D printed car as every single part of the vehicle that doesn't have a mechanical function was 3D printed, unlike previous 3D printed vehicles such as 2010's Urbee.

With the project also marking the first time that the main section of a car was printed in one piece via direct digital manufacturing, we may be edging closer to a world where production 3D printed cars are a reality.