Nendo's Washi Lamp Utilizes 3D Paper Molding to Form Wrinkles

 - Oct 29, 2015
References: & designboom
The Washi Lamp is a unique light fixture that displays contemporary 3D paper molding. This seamless design gives the lamp a semi wrinkled look unlike any other fixture.

Created by Taniguchi Aoya Washi, the process of making washi paper involves passing fine screens through a bath of plant pulp and water before draining it, drying it and peeling it off the sheets. However, Taniguchi Aoya Washi revamped this process to create a seamless three-dimensional washi material which resulted in a 3D paper molding that looks like white glass or plastic.

Adding konnyaku to generate wrinkles, this light fixture portrays a modern design that is sure to complete any avant-garde home. The Washi Lamp can be hung from the ceiling, placed on the floor or on top of furniture to illuminate any room.

Photo Credits: designboom,