Opti-Gone International's 3D Holograms Trick the Eye

 - Sep 25, 2014
References: optigone & appleinsider
Opti-Gone International calls its Giant Mirage the "world's most realistic 3D hologram maker," and with such hyper-real 3D holograms, it's easy to see why. When most people think about holograms, what comes to mind is that kind of hazy, digital bluish wireframe image that is so often used in sci-fi movies. Instead of this, Mirage uses a simple system of parabolic mirrors to trick the eye.

Giant Mirage has been installed in numerous museums, universities and stores at the point of purchase, since the objects presented cannot be touched, even though it looks as though you should be able to reach out and grab whatever looks like it's sitting on top of the mirror's surface.