3D Fractals

 - Jun 16, 2013
Johan Andersson's surreal 3D fractals are true works of digital art. The entire collection is wonderfully diverse and radiant with digital light. In other words, Andersson manages to create the illusion of real sunlight using only digital technology.

One particularly captivating work shows a cross that could have come from a long-ago temple. It features elaborate designs and vibrant oranges, golds and yellows, and is completely three-dimensional; it almost feels as if the viewer can reach out and touch it. Behind the cross, however, is where the true magic lies. Radiant beams of light shoot from behind it, almost bursting from the page. The entire effect is one of religious reverence. The work holds viewers in awe of its majesty and of Andersson's immense talent.

Digital art is the way of the future, and Andersson has proven that digitalization doesn't necessarily have to negatively effect fine art. Instead, it can enhance it.