The Famous Group's 3D Basketball Court is a Futuristic Pre-Game Spectacle

The Famous Group has turned the Madison Square Garden basketball court into a 3D spectacle for all Knicks fans to enjoy. To get the crowd pumped up before each game, the lights dim and the court turns into a futuristic surface as digital waves are sent out across the floor. Next, a giant, spinning electric blue basketball rises from the ground. Before you know it, the ground begins collapsing like an earthquake until the court disappears and only a black abyss remains.

From the nothingness arises highlights of Amare Stoudemire throwing down a furious slam dunk along with clips of Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler, the New York Knicks' other star players. This 3D phenomenon by the Famous Group continues to add hype to the already exalted reputation of Madison Square Garden.