The 315 Bookshelf Holds Volumes Through the Removal of Material

 - Jun 20, 2012
Usually you'd have a ledge to the dimensions of the 315 Bookshelf accompanied by vertical supports on both sides to act as bookends. Interestingly, this object by Miguel Mestre does a brilliant job of holding a little library and protecting it from toppling with the use of much less material.

The reduced approach to its design is obvious because the piece was visibly more substantial initially. About 50% of the wood used in this lovely pale panel has been cut out to become a large rectangular gap. The edges of this opening were beveled at 45 degrees, allowing books to be slotted in on a slant. A thin white wire frame keeps the 315 Bookshelf low and looking light and from a bed or a chair one can easily read the inclined spines and retrieve his hardcover of choice.