This Video Game Mimics 2013 Great Gatsby Film's Settings

 - May 15, 2013
References: mashable & slate dares you to "reach the green light and attain the American Dream" via The Great Gatsby video game. The pixelated online game will remind you of Baz Lurhmann's rendition of the film in the form of an old-school Nintendo game with 8-bit music as its soundtrack.

You play Nick Carraway; the goal of the game is to row through the sea, beat obstacles by slapping opponents with a hat and surviving to meet Gatsby.

You will come across several familiar scenes and quotes from Fitzgerald on your quest. This cleverly designed game is a pure form of entertainment, more so in a cute and hilarious way than the intense-video-game way. The setting of each level is all too familiar if you've seen the 2013 movie; though sadly, there are no parties involved.