The 2009 Fornasari Buggy Rocks an Edgy Exterior

 - May 31, 2009
References: seriouswheels
I’m not much of an automobile enthusiast, but I love this 2009 Fornasari Buggy. It kind of looks like something fashion designer Gareth Pugh would come up with.

Under the geometrically edgy surface, this beast has the power of 602 horses at 6000 rpm with a self-limited maximum speed of 280Km/h and 0-100Km/h acceleration within 3.8 seconds.

The Fornasari press release explains, "It has been designed with 2 levels of mechanical; one is more accessible and a little less performance, the other one uses the classic architecture of Fornasari with a tube chassis, overlapped triangle suspensions and a Chevrolet motorization."