From Futuristic Family Freighters to Compact Ragtop Roadsters

 - Sep 8, 2011
If you have been dying to encounter the newest in auto inventions then start clicking through these radical Renault concept cars. Renault is a French automaker that has yet to cross over into the American market. Regardless, the company makes some pretty awesome cars and has amazing concepts in the works that may change the automotive industry forever.

When I say, "change the automotive industry forever," I am referring to EVs that look like raindrops as opposed to boxcars, cars that automatically detect foul odors and spray air freshener to cover or destroy these foul stenches. Renault may not be making its mark in America yet, but give it time. Until that day comes, you can check out all of the awesome rides Renault has to offer by clicking through these radical Renault concept cars.