The Djent 2018 Guitar Offers an Unbeatable Range of Pitch Possibilities

 - Feb 14, 2018
References: ormsbyguitars & youtube
There are many ways that a musician can expand their repertoire of skills, and if you're a guitarist like Jared Dines, you could opt to commission a bespoke 18-string guitar, which is exactly what he did with the help of Australian guitar maker Perry Ormsby.

This incredible guitar is crafted out of a Tasmanian blackwood body and comes with a trio of bespoke Orsmby pickups that take care of the six bass strings and 12 treble strings. Elsewhere, the guitar features a stone headstock and an LED logo that gives this guitar a monstrously unique appearance.

This 18-string guitar was a one-off created specifically for Dines, but other guitar enthusiasts looking to get custom and bespoke guitars made by Orsnby will need to be willing to part with at least $3,000 for the privilege of owning a truly uniquely crafted guitar.

Image Credit: Ormsby Guitars