Trend Hunter Reaches 10,000 Trends!

 - Oct 16, 2007
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The world's largest online community for trends, trend spotting and innovation JUST GOT BIGGER! Trend Hunter is pleased to announce that today we reached 10,000 trends, just weeks before the release of our much anticipated 2008 Trend Report.

Looking back at the last year and a half, it's been full of cutting edge innovation, viral news and pop culture. Some of the most viral trends included: $5,000 Hamburgers, The Self-Kiss Exhibit, The 5 Minute Nose Job, Powdered Alcohol, The Hover Bike, The Half Suit, Virtual Fitting Rooms, Body Modifications For Pets, Holographic Fashion Shows, and Britney Spears Bald Pictures hours (days? weeks?) before traditional media.

But wait! Are those all trends? For those who are new, we feature viral news, pop culture and micro trends. As I've noted in my Unlocking Cool presentation, by combing these micro-trends into clusters of inspiration, one can generate ideas, stimulate creativity and ultimately unlock cool.

As a community, we have created a source of inspiration for each other, as well as industry professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs and the insatiably curious.

This is a great time to thank our global network of more than 17,000 Trend Hunters, expecially those who have contributed to our growing database of cool trends. THANKS EVERYONE!