From Elfish Gamer Headgear to Link-Inspired Bento Boxes

 - Jun 23, 2011
The green tunic-wearing Link has been a gaming fan favorite ever since his debut on the original Nintendo Entertainment System, but these Zelda finds prove his popularity has grown to pop icon status. You'll no longer have to sit in front of your television set in order to look at the elfin hero as his image adorns Rubik's cubes, bento box lunches, and even street walls.

Still not convinced that the Zelda franchise is a big deal? Tell it to the fans because there are Zelda devotees out there who have crafted baby garbs, elfin headgear, and even life-size statues of Link made entirely out of paper. The most impressive of these Zelda finds though has got to be the Zelda-inspired plates, which cost an astonishing $10,000 each!