CollegeHumor Proves the Army Prepares You for Anything

 - Aug 12, 2009   Updated: Jun 20 2011
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There's nothing the army can't train you for, and that's proven thanks to CollegeHumor. Directed by Sam Reich, the 'Condescending Army Commercial' shows that driving mini vans, eating bundt cake, chewing gum and taking out the trash are all skills attained through army service.

Even playing Zelda and telling the time aren't innocent after time with the army. Check out the CollegeHumor take on Army service below.

Implications - In the computer age where videos, comics and pictorials have the power to go viral, websites and companies aspire to draw attention to themselves on this magnitude. In order to do this, companies are honing in on the elements that cause something to go viral such as humorous plays on widely recognizable cultural icons and events and media outlets.