From Wooden Home Decor to Rustic Upcycled Stools

 - Jun 8, 2013
Wooden home decor can range from rustic, natural looks to polished, sleek designs. Either way, wood is often more eco-friendly than plastics because it is bio-degradable. Many wooden objects are used of recycled wood as well.

The Recrate upcycled rustic stool by K3 Urban Design is made of reclaimed timber; it looks sleek, but still has the antique finish because of the coloring of the wood. The iron embellishments also add to a rustic look, for the modern home who want a bit of the country-feel.

Some DIY projects include Pierre Lota’s ‘1 Object in 1 Minute’ challenge—the French industrial designer teaches you how to whip up furniture using mundane objects lying around the house, like wooden clothes hangers.