Euell's Unconventional Wooden Furniture is Inspired by the East and West

 - May 18, 2013
References: & design-milk
Traveling from East to West has inspired Paris-based American designer Phillip Euell to create unconventional wooden furniture, which he describes as "off-balanced and fluid, geometric and sinuous, inanimate and anthropomorphic" on his site.

After having traveled to China and California, Euell recollected his memories of the two different atmospheres to express fluidity in his pieces.

Euell's abstract wooden pole lamps are very interesting; they may not look like lamps from afar because there are no lamp shades, but there are small light bulbs intricately embedded in the wood if you look closely. The use of wooden material was inspired by his visit to a woodworker's workshop. The sleekly polished wooden design can be interpreted as Western or Oriental in appearance.