From Nudist Traveler Captures to Haunting Hippie Portraits

 - May 14, 2012
These whimsical nomadic photoshoots take viewers on trips filled with backpacks, headgear and boho looks. The life of the classic wanderer is one that has received quite a bit of attention in literature and film, drawing in enthusiasts to stories filled with outrageous adventure.

The nomadic archetype has spread into the fashion realm, now witness to the considerable growth of nudist traveler captures and haunting hippie portraits. Horses, vehicles and even planes have been used to display this on-the-go culture, enticing those with an interest in free-spirited exploration. Online traveler blogs have furthered this culture via the instantaneous spread of snapshots and a heightened availability of cheap deals, offering jaw-dropping flight and accommodation packages. These editorials all hone in on this obsession with an itinerant lifestyle, even according it with its own specific fashion sense.