From Bacon-Flavored Ice Creams to Vodka-Made Shakes

 - May 16, 2013
Sometimes a person just wants to try something weird, and these weird ice cream flavors and frozen treats are sure to satisfy those odd urges. People often just stick to what they’re comfortable in terms of food, but it’s that mentality that keeps them from experiencing flavors of ice cream that will surely rock their taste buds.

From bacon-flavored ice cream to vodka-infused shakes, these odd-ball ice treats will please anyone with a curious palate and who’s not afraid of trying something new. There’s something about beer-flavored ice cream that just sounds suitable during hot summer days. These ice cream treats range from tamed sweets to crazy manly meat ice cream subs. With so much strange flavors out there, why not start the summer in a wacky way?