From Bubbly Upcycled Saree Seating to Upcycled Woven Rugs

 - Jun 5, 2013
Decorating your home or apartment should be a reflection of your personal taste and style and these upcycled home furnishings are the perfect way to equip your living space.

Upcycled home furnishings bring color, texture and character to any room of your home. The interesting design of these pieces will spark conversation. Colorful foot stools made of yarn and old fabrics look chic and polished next to a leather sofa and recycled computer coffee tables are modern and understated. These upcycled home furnishings have an interesting back story you will be excited to tell other people. Whether you make a cardboard recliner yourself or purchase an upcycled car scrap bench pre made you will not be disappointed by the unique design of these renewed home furnishings.