From Passive-Aggressive Journals to Retro Data Storage Journals

 - Feb 25, 2013
For all those literary fanatics out there who enjoy writing down their innermost thoughts, these unusual notebook designs are an inventive way to jot down your feelings on something that visually represents your offbeat and eclectic personality.

Writing can be a very personal activity, where a notebook or piece of stationary can act almost act like a private diary. Therefore, what better way to showcase your writing style and eccentric tastes than by using a notebook that showcases your interests in such things as video games or use of sarcasm? These quirky notebook designs include everything from waterproof journals to those that contain a large amount of profane language.

Whether you're just jotting down a few notes or starting a personal diary, these unusual notebook designs are a creative way to put an eclectic spin on something you hold so personally.