From Girly Beards to Infant Mustaches

 - Nov 9, 2011
These unlikely forms of facial hair follow extreme examples of individuals from all walks of life who have chosen to adorn their face with beards, mustaches and goatees. Women, babies and even men who are facial hair-impaired are sporting gnarly 'staches and questionable crustaches it seems.

Perhaps Movember (the month "formerly known as November," according to the official site) has taken hold of the general populace. Hundreds upon hundreds of men who want to support awareness for prostate cancer don facial hair for the annual event, and it seems others are getting creative in order to participate for the cause.

Whether it's a baby donning a full and healthy ginger mustache or a model walking down the catwalk with long, wizard-like beard, these unlikely forms of facial hair prove that you don't have to be a man to look manly or to support prostate cancer awareness.