From Robert Pattinson-Signed Furniture to Signature Wedding Bands

 - Jun 23, 2009   Updated: Jun 22 2011
Why get Robert Pattinson to autograph a photo when you can get furniture signed by the entire New Moon cast? Unique autographs and signatures aren't just about using fancy calligraphy anymore -- they factor in traits like location, medium and mode of display.

From signature-engraved wedding bands to, yes, Robert Pattinson's vampire bite autograph stamp, here are the most creative autographs we've featured recently.

Implications - There's a consumer demand for celebrity-related products because celebrities act as benchmarks of success in North American society. Consumers like to fantasize about someday attaining similar notoriety and they feel owning a piece of memorabilia that's come in direct contact with the star will bring them that much closer to achieving that goal. Corporations can capitalize on this consumer mentality by offering products and services that allow the general public to feel famous.