From Badass Biker Triplets to Eerie Sister Editorials

 - Jun 15, 2012
They say two is company and three is a crowd, but these tempting triplet photoshoots will have you eyeing up the mob. Although twins have an alluring disposition, trios bring a triple-threat persuasion that is hard to ignore.

What do Destiny's Child, The Mean Girl Plastics, Charlie's Angels and Powerpuff Girls have in common? Asides from being badass women, these power-packed trios prove why having two partners in crime is better than a single minion. Don't worry gents, the triple threat combo isn't just reserved for the ladies. The Three Musketeers wouldn't be the same without their brotherly triad love.

Although the trios in these tempting triplet photoshoots are not all identical, their seductive stares and jaw-dropping good looks will have you less concerned over those details.