Top 13 Incredible Bookshelves

 - May 18, 2008
We've seen a lot of awesome bookcases on Trend Hunter, so it was about time we created a super gallery to showcase them all.

There's something irreplaceable about holding paper publications that no ebook could ever replace. There's a beauty to the aesthetics of bound literature, and bookshelves are one of the best ways to display your personal collection. Not only do books look great, but they also act as a reflection of their owners. The types of publications people choose to shelf on their cases is a good insight into their interests, values and curiosities.

The way they house their books also reveals a lot of their personality, like the sofa bookcase in the main image, which could indicate the owner likely reaches for a book on a regular basis when they want to unwind.

Take a look at these highly creative bookshelves, and be sure to pass it on to any book lovers who can appreciate it.