- Mar 25, 2008
Plopping something really random or offbeat in the middle of a public place is a sure way to generate attention, and a fantastic way to generate buzz. It's all about catching people off guard and shaking them out of their day-to-day routine and way of thinking.

That's why a lot of modern ad agencies have taken a liking for street installations for guerrilla campaign.

Take this melted ice cream truck for example. You would never except to see something like this, but on a sweltering hot day, it might get you thinking, "Damn, I wish there really was an ice cream truck parked here."

The street art was spotted in the suburbs Of Adelaide, South Australia by a Wooster contributor. The truck reads, "Extra cream ice cream," but there are no other indicators of brands on the piece of street art. Maybe there's an ice cream vendor around the corner, maybe not, but it certainly would catch people's attention.

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