Laser Makes Every Building A Billboard

 - Feb 22, 2007
References: graffitiresearchlab
Graffiti Research Lab's Laser tag system brings 'Tagging' out of a can and into the high-tech world we live in. GRL unleashed their system in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and is encouraging surrounding artists to get learn about this high-tech tagging machine. GRL is even offering a 'How-To' on their site (Downloadable in C++ Code) to take into your own hands/country so you can get on the high-tech Graf scene as well. GRL is known for coming up with and providing innovative and new-age ways for the High Tech Graffiti artist. Still extremely underground, it would be interesting to see if big corperations would pick up on this to use for their own advertising, as we have seen of recent more and more companies are using graffiti to advertise their products.