From MP3 Timepiece Bottle Poppers to Luxe MP3 Watches

 - Jan 1, 2012
It's hard to comprehend how big the redesign of the iPod Nano is until you've seen all of these time-telling iPod Nano cases. Apple's sixth generation Nano lost much of its size and gained a tiny touchscreen. This new design was well-received and set off a veritable arms race as to who could create the greatest case for it.

Of course, the best case for the new Nano is the one that makes it look most like a wristwatch. Like real watches, there seems to be an iPod Nano watch case for just about every type of person out there. There are formal watch cases made of leather and gilded and there are informal cases for those with casual style. If you're interested in telling time while listening to your tunes, then check all of these time-telling iPod Nano cases out.