The Timesnap Packs Entertainment in one Miniature Screen

 - Jul 31, 2011
References: dvice
I wouldn’t be surprised if you thought that the Timesnap was the latest iPod Nano upon first glance, considering how similar both items look.

The Timesnap is a watch with multimedia player capabilities; think of it as a miniature entertainment device for the wrist. It plays MP3s and boasts an AM/FM radio, eBook function, MP4 video watching capabilities and more. There’s a Micro SD slot on the side so that you can upload your files onto it and enjoy whatever entertainment you load it with from your computer. The exterior has a water-resistant plastic casing to protect it from rain and other misfortunes that may happen to it in an accident.

Even though the Timesnap looks similar to the Nano, it does pack a lot more features that will delight any tech fanatic.