- Jan 26, 2011   Updated: May 31 2011
This top list was inspired by the announcement that Cartoon Network will be launching a ThunderCats reboot. With the characters revamped and redrawn, the new ThunderCats will begin airing sometime later this year.

From adult cartoon fashions to cult cartoon couture, these cartoon-inspired fashion features will have you reminiscing about past Saturday mornings spent watching TV. Maybe someday, we'll see ThunderCats-inspired clothing!

Implications - As the demands from society and family become increasingly greater, children are being forced to grow up faster than they used to. With an increase in responsibility, these coming of age consumers are looking for ways to still hold on to their carefree childhood. Incorporating characters from familiar cartoons into everyday items is an easy way to be an adult while holding onto an element of childhood whimsy. Designers are seeing this desire and producing pieces that will attract these consumers who are in between life stages.

Inspired by the Announcement of a ThunderCats Reboot: