- Jan 18, 2013
While some may prefer a minimalist sole on their shoes, these thick-soled shoes prove that the bigger and chunkier the bottom, the better. Shoes with thick soles have been entering the market slowly over the past while and we're now seeing a much higher volume of triple to quadruple-sized soles on every type of footwear. From high heels to casual loafers for men or women, this collection highlights some of the most on-point styles for footwear this season.

Another striking design feature that several designers are practicing is to use the sole as a statement piece with embellishments or bold pops of color. Gone are the days when thick-soled shoes were meant strictly for the elderly; today, fashionistas and fashionistos, young and old can rock these styles.

From Lavish Platform Skate Shoes to Elegant Hipster Hybrid Shoes: