Tricker's Grey Golosh Brogues are Perfect for the Fashion Savvy

The new Grey Golosh Brogues by Tricker are the company’s latest addition to the world of fashionable footwear. These chic new kicks are made out of elegantly colored suede atop thick beige soles, which create a look that falls somewhere between running shoe and dress shoe. The Grey Golosh Brogues combine practicality for summer attire with the chic appeal of fashionable and smart footwear.

If you want to maintain a smart and elegant allure with your summer fashion, then you’ve undoubtedly encountered the difficulty of pairing your beloved shorts with the right summer shoes. While sandals and flip-flops make for a laid-back approach, Tricker’s Grey Golosh Brogues uphold a fine balance between casual and sophisticated, making these kicks perfect for the elegant hipster.