- Sep 25, 2011
TEDxToronto speaker David Miller is urging Canadians to promote a stronger eco-friendly urban design for our city streets; in keeping with this environmentally inspiring message, these Canadian eco-designs are a friendly reminder that "urban" doesn’t necessarily have to mean "non-green." Ranging from rechargeable bikes to solar powered buildings, these designs show that our city landscapes can benefit from this reusable energy to power our electronic needs. These techniques are a simple fix to the rise in global warming, battling the temperatures that are on a steady increase.

Join Miller’s mission to increase the number of environmentally conscious designs in Toronto and cities all across Canada. As Canadians, if we join forces to bring these nontraditional green power chargers to doorsteps across the country, we can be leaders in a green global revolution that will help to heal this great planet.

TEDxToronto Speaker David Miller Preaches Potential for a Greener Canada: