Green Collar Jobs

 - Mar 27, 2008
References: greenlivingonline
You've heard of white collar, blue collar and pink collar jobs but have you heard of green collar? If not, it's about time you caught up with living in 2008.

Now that the world is increasingly focused on being, well, green, more jobs are springing up in the eco sector, and that's the name given to people working in this field. Essentially, a green collar job entails the work of traditional blue collar jobs, but is specific to those doing hands on work on eco-friendly projects.

Think wind turbine technicians or solar panel layers; green architects and people who work at large scale recycling or composting facilities. Even bicycle repairmen or a hybrid or biodiesel car repairman could fall under this category.

For those who like the idea or don't know where the start, there are sites like Canadian company WorkCabin which helps environmentally-passionate people find green collar jobs and volunteer positions. Treehugger also has a green job board.