From Charming Musical Swings to Billboard Playgrounds

 - Sep 14, 2012
Unique swings provide a serene feeling of freedom; letting the wind whip through your hair as you pump your legs and gaze towards the sky is an addicting sensation. It’s no wonder swings are always the first thing to be coveted at a playground. These unique swings allow for that same airborne rush with flair and finesse that is uncompromising.

Nostalgic children’s playground items re-imagined as furniture, public seating or advertising gimmicks can spark a lot of attention, really amp up a room and make a public space more appealing and welcoming for people walking down the street. Swing adaptations provide an outlet for the busy go-getters of the world to take time out and play like they were six again without having to go to a kiddy park and embarrass themselves.