- Aug 10, 2011
This irresistible collection of sweet sprinkle innovations is bursting with miniature, colorful confections. These innovative desserts and inventions offer some serious visual stimulation thanks to all the vibrant colors.

These sweet sprinkle Innovations include plenty more than just edible creations, from the sprinkle-covered cupcake phone cases, to the foodtastic winter hats, you don't require a sweet tooth to indulge in these items. If you do enjoy a sugar high however, there is even more to indulge in such as the sprinkle spotted desserts, the crunchy caramel cake truffles topped with delicious sprinkles or the candy-coated rappers. Check out this decadent collection of sweet sprinkle innovations and enjoy!

Implications - Businesses that opt to incorporate a wide range of vibrant and rainbow-hue qualities into their products are likely to experience favorable results. These products will appeal to a wide clientele as their bright tones are easily recognizable.

From Dessert-Inspired Breakfast to Rice Krispies Easter Eggs: