- Dec 16, 2011
These vixen vigilantes may not actually exist, but when ideas get tossed around in the editorial rooms at top magazines, haute couture commonly ends up being displayed in sultry superheroine shoots.

The famous female crimefighters that include the likes of Wonder Woman, Cat Woman and Bat Woman always make for wonderful model material when sporting seasonal fashions. It makes sense that nothing says "wear me" more than being the alternative costumes of the girls that give even the evilest of villains a serious run for their money. From un-fantasy photoshoots to superheroes stripped, it seems like every photographer wants to capture the good-seeking gals.

The sultry superheroine shoots and comic-style spreads make the faux femme fatales continue to build their sexy crime-fighting street cred.

From Catwoman-Inspired Covers to Sizzling Comic-Con Costumes: