Carrying Your Clothes is Just the Beginning With These Suitcases

 - Jan 14, 2010   Updated: Apr 1 2011
Suitcases are taking on double duty nowadays. Not only are they supposed to carry your stuff, but they're also expected to carry little kids, transform into chairs and even become transportation. Aside from those tricks, older suitcases are being transformed into chic furniture. Check out the slideshow for some amazing suitcases.

Implications - Consumers love products that proudly embrace ingenuity, whic is definitely the case with products like the ones in this completely unusual collection. By subtly twisting expectation, innovations like these simultaneously delight and serve as functional products which makes them more valuable than the mere sum of their parts would otherwise suggest. In an industry when so many products are mostly unremarkable, things that embrace upcycled brilliance definitely stand out.