Take Out by Klaus Aalto

 - Feb 20, 2008
References: fiaskodesign & saumadesign.net
What looks like an ordinary chest of drawers is actually a cabinet of suitcases.

This design enables ease of transport for certain items, whether for travel or simply to bring something to a nearby room.

The Take Out was designed by Klaus Aalto.

While the site suggests it would be good for toys or tools, the uses for a piece of practical furniture like this are endless.

It could be great for storing photographs; you could categorize them by special events like weddings, and then just pull out the designated section when you want to show it off. It would be practical for sewing or knitting supplies. It would also be great for clothes. You could fold all your laundry in one room, then file it into the drawers and carrying your neatly rolled sock drawer upstairs by the handle. If you have a lot of paper work, it could work great for that too, especially if you have multiple classes.

It could be fantastic for a classroom setting as well. Each drawer could be designated to a student, and they could take their mini suitcase home again each day.

Imagine this in the form of a cooler. Kids, or people who pack their own food, could keep their lunches fresh that way too!

So many possibilities!